Many businesses state proudly, in Mission Statements or Objectives, that we “invest in our people”….”we allocate $X per year for training”…..”we believe in developing all our staff to their full potential”. The question is what do they actually do for the people?

Human Resources departments run internal and external courses tailored directly, or indirectly, for the business needs. Staff are periodically sent to seminars and courses run by external parties (usually professional trainers or well publicised authors of ‘how to’ books) – where it is acknowledged that at best 20% of the material is useful for the individual concerned, if they can figure out, and retain, which 20%.

But many senior business executives still regard training as a cost (there is a line on the P&L but not on the Balance Sheet) and cannot resolve the issue of measuring a return on what training truly represents – an investment.

Which is where we come to Presentation Skills.

Speaking in front of an audience, in particular one that has an open invitation to ask questions, is generally recognised as the “scariest” thing in many people’s lives. It is one of the most important issues in business – yet there is still no acceptance of the need for clear investment, and the return available from it. Mentioned every time in surveys, crucial to how your business is seen by others (both internally and externally) and frequently to its financial success, yet there is no focus, or simple “solution” offered.

Presentation Skills Training (PST), from Fulcrum Business Management Solutions is the answer to this problem – and the best single investment an organisation can, or will, make in its people.

PST is not a publicly available course – it is not delivered by professional trainers – it does not come with a “how to” manual and extensive hand-out notes – it does not come with a personal video or an attendance certificate – it does not show you how to refine your PowerPoint presentations.

PST is a two day, one-to-one, 100% interactive, private programme for management at all levels of business.
PST is delivered by experienced business practitioners who have had to make presentations throughout their career as a core part of the daily
business life

PST’s first day is entirely off-site, designed to establish the single core element of presentation skills – personal self-confidence. One-to-one, in casual and varied surroundings undertaking many of the daily activities we take for granted, together we look at interaction with others – acquaintances / strangers / service staff / family and friends – and understand those areas we are good at, confident in, happy to converse about

PST’s second day is office based, in the individual’s daily business environment with colleagues, superiors and subordinates, translating the personal knowledge and learnings achieved into the business setting and demonstrating immediately newly acquired comfort in Presentation Skills

PST is practical and totally individually based – no generalisations, no missed questions or embarrassment at not quite understanding the issue, no hiding behind the presence of others

PST is training as it should be – one-to-one from business practitioners who do, and have done all their business life…not who train

PST is a quantifiable investment – and a visible immediate return both in terms of increased knowledge and ability (and therefore business acumen and profitability) but also higher staff retention and greater respect for the organisation for providing such rare opportunities.

As a training investment, PST is usually offsetable against government training grants further improving the pay back and return on the investment

PST truly is “investing in people” and developing them to the best of their ability – if they cannot represent their organisation strongly and positively in any potential situation they are not delivering 100% to that organisation financially

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